Community Activator Coach

The Community Activator Coach Standard will underpin occupations such as an Activator, Sports Coach, Activity Leader, Community Worker or Outreach Officer. These roles are predominantly employed by sport for social change charities; SMEs who operate in the sport and physical activity sector; local authorities; sports clubs; leisure centres; youth work agencies; housing associations and outdoor education centres and are deployed to primarily work with inactive groups of people. The wider sport and activity sector play an important role in improving the health and wellbeing of the nation and provides a positive environment which supports (especially young) people to grow and develop through sport and physical activity.

The Community Activator Coach promotes, delivers and coaches fun, inclusive and engaging activities that help whole communities to change their behaviour, adopt and keep to a physically active lifestyle. Community Activator Coaches are more than activity and sports leaders – they understand communities and customers. They will be equipped with the specialist knowledge needed to effectively work with one customer group (such as inactive teenagers) but also be knowledgeable about other inactive customer groups whom they may be expected to work with on occasions. When competent they will be experienced working with a range of different communities and all kinds of customers who are likely to be defined as inactive, sedentary or not doing enough physical activity in their lives. They also know how to make communities and lives better through physical activity, organised play and sport. The Community Activator Coach will be a positive role model who builds good rapport with customers – especially those who are young, inactive, or from low-income and marginalised communities. The Community Activator Coach often works alongside youth workers, the police and community safety agencies to make neighbourhoods safer and works alongside health workers to make residents fitter and healthier.

Community Activator Coach

The role is a flexible one and individuals can expect to work varied and unsociable hours, including evenings, weekends and school holidays. Suitable Employers include: Local Authorities, Schools, Housing Associations, Youth work agencies and many more.

Bespoke Apprenticeships

All our Community Activator Apprenticeships are designed bespoke around the employer’s environment and requirements. Our talented team of Coaches and Tutors work hand in hand with employers to deliver the curriculum in a fun and engaging way, whilst ensuring the Apprentice is given the most up to date knowledge and access to support materials where required.

New for Autumn 2020 enrolments……..

All our Apprentices will be invited to quarterly Masterclasses. These full day experiences are free to the Apprentices and will take place in a variety of locations enabling the Apprentice to put their knowledge and skills into practice in a safe environment whilst encountering activities they may not have had exposure to! The Apprentices will leave the Masterclasses with new skills and knowledge that will enhance the skills they are already be learning and will help them develop what they are already instructing or teaching.