Welcome to DA Outdoors

This is our first blog on our new company, DA Outdoors!
This part of DA Training and Consultancy is focusing on Learning Outdoors and the opportunities we can support with.

I suppose to begin with I should introduce myself and the team behind DA Outdoors. I’m Gary, one of the Directors and I guess the instigator behind the creation of DA Outdoors!! I have a real passion for being outside, whether its wild camping, kayaking, climbing or even just a family walk.

Gary, Lorna and Mike

Being outdoors gives me a feeling of excitement, a feeling of belonging but most of all, being at peace with those people around me and the environment we’re in.

I have been involved with Scouting for a long time and have over 10 years of experience supporting learning outdoors and suddenly finding myself shut away indoors due to Covid-19 took away from me (and everyone else) one of the things that is really important to me, the appreciation for the outdoors.

My original plan was to set up a training centre in 10/15 years’ time when I started to look towards retirement focusing on the outdoors, but seeing everyone shut away inside for 3 months virtually due to the lockdown inspired me to start working on it earlier than planned and when I had something down on paper, I spoke about it to my colleagues Lorna and Mike and we decided that lets give it a go now and here we are!

Mike, one of the other Directors at DA Outdoors and DA Training, is an RAF Veteran with a considerable love of the outdoors! You will usually find Mike delivering training in a Classroom, but given the chance, he will jump on his Harley and be outside as quick as anything! He loves water sports, is bit of an adrenalin junkie, but most of all, loves time with his family spent in the New Forest.

Last of all is Lorna, our MD, she is the person who is the calming influence in the team. Lorna loves camping, canoeing and archery and given the chance, would love to be working outside all the time, but spends most of her time managing contracts or applying for funding. (The boring but essential stuff!!)

So over the coming few weeks, you will see our Website, Social Media and Marketing activity step up and the blog is the place to see and read all the exciting things the team will be getting up to!! Please visit our social channels and give us a like and please share our details! We can’t do it without your support, Thank you!